The Life of HIRAM CAMP

Hiram Camp and others incorporated the New Haven Clock Company on 7 February 1853 to supply clock movements to the Jerome Manufacturing Company, the largest clock making operation in the world. In 1856, just three years later, the Jerome Company went bankrupt and in April of that year, the New Haven Clock Company raised $20,000 in additional funds to purchase Jerome Manufacturing Co. By 1860, The New Haven Clock Company employed 300 men and 15 women to produce approximately 170,000 clocks per year. In 1866, the old Jerome factory was destroyed by a fire and a new brick factory was built to replace it. By 1880 nearly a million dollars’ worth of clocks were being produced. Unfortunately, the Directors of the New Haven operation had drained the resources of the company. Hiram Camp, founder and president, resigned in September 1891. A tumultuous history followed. On 22-24 March 1960, the New Haven facilities were sold at public auction. Hiram Camp is resting at Evergreen Cemetery. pill online

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