The Life of Kenneth Clois Cobb

Kenneth Clois Cobb (Ken) passed away on April 5th, 2024. While his passing was sudden, he lived his life well and with intention.

Born in Oklahoma on March 22th 1940 to Clois and Ola Cobb, he was the eldest of five children. He learned at a young age the value of hard work and integrity while helping his grandparents as a farm hand. These values shaped his life as he graduated high school, married his first wife Mary Jo in 1959, and worked to pay his way through college.

He and Mary Jo had a daughter Kendana (Dana) and a son Kendel, and later brought Patricia into their lives as their daughter. His first teaching job in 1964 took him and his family to Eldorado KS. They moved around the midwest area until landing in St Charles, MO in 1977. He lived in the St. Charles and Wentzville area until 2022. He graduated in 1974 with a PHD in vocational education and made a career in vocational and adult education until his retirement in 2003.

Ken taught his children to love Jesus, live honestly, dream big, and to work for what they wanted out of life. He almost always kept a garden and greatly enjoyed the outdoors. In addition to work and home life, Ken was an active member in his church from community service, to leading classes, or teaching bible studies. Ken could always be relied on to show up when needed.

After being widowed Ken married Raneta in 1988. His grandchildren were being born and a new season of life opened up to him. He and Raneta were able to travel, camp, hike, and host family gatherings. They frequently had one or two grandchildren come and stay with them for a week at a time, making memories no matter the itinerary.

After Raneta passed away, Ken married Alice and they soon became snow-birds, spending the colder winter months in Florida, and building a close community of friends through a bible study he hosted. When his marriage with Alice ended, Ken decided to move from Lake St Louis, to Olathe to be near his daughter, grandkids and great-grandkids in the area. It was there he met and fell in love with Jan, proposing to her on March 9th, 2024.

While one can look at Ken’s life and see the values he lived out, everyone would agree that his greatest value was to live for Jesus first and foremost. He cared more about the opinion of God than the opinions of man. About ten years ago Ken experienced a health crisis that led him to re-evaluate his lived priorities. He didn’t want any excuse to have kept him from sharing the love of God with those around him. It lit a fire in his bones and he began evangelizing with a passion, resulting in leading many people to Jesus and providing them with the gift of a bible.

While Ken’s passing was unexpected, he wasn’t unprepared. He lived his life knowing it could end at any point and didn’t wait to do the things he wanted to do or felt called to do. He is now in heaven with the loved ones that have gone before, including Mary Jo Cobb, Raneta Cobb, his parents Clois and Ola Cobb, his brother Neil Cobb, his brother-in-law Sonny Pedigo, his son-in-law Johnny Heston, a grandson and some of his great-grandchildren.

He leaves his fiance Janice Cassidy, his siblings Phyllis Pedigo, Jackie and her husband Bill Turton, and Bill Cobb; his children Kendana Heston, Kendel and his wife Karen Cobb, Patricia and her husband Mangal Dhoubhadal; 19 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. He will be missed. His was a life well -lived.

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