The Life of Malcolm Stuart Demurjian

Malcolm S. Demurjian

September 19, 1924  -  September 19, 2022

Malcolm Stuart Demurjian, passed away peacefully on Monday afternoon, September 19,

2022 – his 98 th birthday – with friends and family at his side.

Malcolm was an incredibly healthy man for his first 96 years, but started to decline after his

beloved wife of 64 years, Seta, passed away in 2020. Even with an aged body and weakened

heart, he was still enjoying dinners out and loving life with his grandkids – until a massive heart

attack in mid-August initiated a downward spiral that kept him in the hospital and then post-

acute rehab for a solid month. He came home on Saturday, supported by hospice services and a

live-in home health aide, so he could be with his equally aged dog Ricco, see friends and

neighbors, and rest among his memories of Seta.

Malcolm had a brilliant analytical mind and an unconditionally loving heart. He attended New

York City’s legendary LaGuardia High School of Music & Art, skipped two grades and started

college at age 16, joined the Navy to fight in World War II as soon as he turned 18, and returned

from Iwo Jima in 1946 to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from UNC Chapel Hill and

his Master’s degree from Columbia University. Malcolm played a pivotal role on the Whirlwind

Computer Project at MIT for four years, before being recruited by DuPont to lead the 62-person

team that set up DuPont’s first general purpose digital computer. Five years later, Malcolm

joined RCA’s corporate staff as an internal management consultant, during which he served on

task forces for three different Governors – Ronald Reagan in California, Edgar Whitcomb in

Indiana, and William Cahill in New Jersey. Refusing to relocate his family from South Jersey,

Malcolm changed careers and worked as a stockbroker for what is now Wells Fargo until he was


Malcolm’s work ethic didn’t wind down on the weekends, as he could fix just about anything in

his home, on his cars (all Chryslers), or at the Haddontowne Swim Club he co-founded. He was

also an avid gardener and music lover with season tickets to the Metropolitan Opera and the

Philadelphia Orchestra. Yet, above it all, was a boundless love for his immediate and extended

family. There was nothing Mal wouldn’t do – in time or money – to help those he loved.

Malcolm will be sorely missed by many friends and neighbors, but especially by his son Stuart,

son Warren and daughter-in-law Amy, grandchildren Aubrey and Teddy, loving niece

LindaCarol, six admiring nephews Harry, Richard, David, Michael, Luca, and Claudio, and his

brother-in-law, Mario Norcen.

Malcolm lived a full and vibrant life, clobbered the actuarial tables, and closed the book on his

own terms. May we all be so lucky.

His soul will be blessed by St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church at 10:30 AM on Saturday,

September 24 th , at Arlington Cemetery in Drexel Hill, when he is laid to rest alongside his

siblings, Lorna and Bobby, and his parents, Gabriel and Armine. Malcolm’s life, along with that

of his deceased wife of 64 years, Seta, will be celebrated during Thanksgiving weekend.


In lieu of flowers or gifts, donations in his name will be gratefully received by the Philadelphia

Orchestra or Natural Lands Trust

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