The Life of Victor G. Sison

In Memoriam: Victor Sison
Long-time Fairlington resident Victor Sison, owner of
Fairlington Maintenance Service, passed away peacefully
on January 3 after a decade-long battle with
cancer. Out of respect for his family, many of whom
are Fairlington residents and requested privacy, the
Bulletin postponed this remembrance.
For more than 30 years, Victor and his company
handled everything from simple repair jobs to complete
gutting and remodeling of Fairlington units. Previous to
that, Victor worked for CBI-Fairmac as a Certified Public
Accountant. CBI-Fairmac is the company that developed/managed
Fairlington Villages in its early days.
Born in the Philippines, Victor fell in love with Fairlington
and called it home. He was a family man of
strong faith and an avid D.C. sports fan. Abe Pollin
was his hero and politics were a lifelong passion.
His daughter Arantxa Sison says, “I am trying to think
of what dad would want to tell the community. The
first thing that comes to mind is ‘Thank you.’ He
was always big on giving thanks and he was devoted
to Fairlington. The second thing would be ‘Peace be
with you.’ He loved offering peace in church and
getting to know people. The last thing would be to
remind us all to laugh.”
Victor had a big impact on Fairlington, and his memory
and legacy will live on in the fabric of this community
and in the building structures themselves.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of residents, including
this Editor, used his services at one time or another.
The FCA thanks him for his years of service.
Victor is buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria.
If you visit, in lieu of leaving flowers, he would wish
you to spend the money instead to pay it forward
somewhere. He will be remembered fondly and very
much missed by this community.

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