The Life of Diane J. Campbell

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The family was new and I was scared, I didn’t know how to adjust; but you were with me and made me your own. You never made me feel that I was away from my mother, because of this I now understand that all mothers are the same when it comes to sharing love and affection. With love and care, you welcomed me as a member of your family; I thought no one can be like my mom, but I am happy that I was wrong, just like my biological mom, you were my peace . I will miss you more than anyone knows.
Posted by Kimberly C on 12/2/2017


Matriarch is the best way for me to describe Momma. She was the sole leader of the family and she always had our best interest in mind. She showed kindness to anyone who crossed her path and she loved us unconditionally as she lived her life by her rules, relentlessly. She is irreplaceable, unforgettable and I miss and love her with all of my heart. Rest in heaven my dear. Love your daughter Sharron
Posted by Sharron G on 12/2/2017


Posted by Damara G on 12/6/2017