The Life of Ulrich J. Miller

(Patriot, 10/19/1933)– Tragedy in its deepest form came to a Kutztown fammily this week when the children of Ulrich J. Miller, long a prominent citizen of town were forced to leave the grave of their father hurriedly yesterday afternoon and than go to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Reading, just in time to see their mother fallow her husband in death. Mr. Miller who had attained the age of 70 years, 9 months and 29 days, died very suddenly at his home Sunday evening, just after he had taken dinner at the home of his son, John U. Miller and had greeted Rev. Carl Miller, another son who had hurried here from Asbury Park, N. J. to visit his mother who was in St. Joseph’s hospital in critical condition awaiting an operation. Excitement plus the worry Mr. Miller was undergoing due to his wife’s condition is believed to have brought on the heart stroke which he suffered. He passed away in just a few moments. Mrs Elizabeth E Miller was 69 years and 29 days of age. She was operated uppon on Tuesday and had a fifty fifty chance of recovery, however her condition grew grave, and while her husband was being interred yesterday afternoon she grew weaker and succumbed at 5:40 p. m.. Rev Carl Miller did not attend his fathers funeral, but remained at the bedside during the day and Mr. & Mrs. John Miller and Mr. & Mrs. J. Ward Kieffer arrived at the hospital after the funeral in time to see their mother breath her last. The couple were survived by the three children mentioned and Mr. Miller has one sister, Miss Mary V. Miller, of town. Mrs. Miller has one sister surviving, Mrs. Maggie Christ, of Bethlehem, and there four surviving grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted for Mr. Miller on Wednesday afternoon with services at the house and in Trinity Lutheran church. Rev. Charles F Brobst officiating. Rev. Brobst took as his text, St. Matthew, 24th chapter, 44th verse, "Therefore, be ye also ready; for in such an hour that you think not, the Son of Man cometh.” Similar services will be held for Mrs. Miller on Friday afternoon at 1:30 at the house.,fallowed by ceremonies at Trinity Lutheran Church. Interment will be made in Hope cemetery. Funeral Director, George R. Schaeffer is in charge.

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