Died at the residence of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs M. W. Campbell, at Fort Scott, on the morning of July 20, 1903, May Louise Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chan Campbell of Olathe. aged 7 years, 6 months and 18 days. Little May was taken sick on July 15. She was kindly watched and cared for by her anxious parents and friends who entertained hopes for her recovery but on Monday morning. July 20, she folded her little arms, closed her eyes and sank quietly into the sleep that knows no waking.
The bereaved parents and family have many sympathizing friends in this vicinity.
"Our darling has gone to that beautiful home,
"Where the angels will welcome her in,
And the Saviour receive her into his arms,
So pure and so free from all sin.
O! Would we could all go to our father
As pure and as sinless as she,
For we know that our dear loving Saviour has said, 
"Let the little ones come unto me." '
Tis hard indeed to part on earth
With one we dearly loved.
Yet we know that our darling is happy now,
In the Father's bright home above.
Then weep not loving parents
For your darling so bright and fair,
She has only gone before you,
She has climbed the golden stair.
Yes, we know you sadly miss her
There's one little vacant chair,
But she'll wait in heaven to meet you,
There will be no parting there.
Olathe Mirror
August 6, 1903
Page 1, col 2