The Life of Harutune S Jenanyan

First Armenian Priest in Philadelphia

Harutune Jenanyan, Protestant minister and first Philadelphia Armenian priest. It's said that he may have been from Marash or Tarsus in Cilicia, where he founded religious academies. Rev. Jenanyan was involved with many evangelical missions throughout the Middle East and wrote books on the subject. He was still doing so in 1893, but within a few years had moved to Philadelphia where he married his first Armenian couple in 1898. Rev. Jenanyan was the founder and principal preacher of the Apostolitic Institute in Philadelphia. He preached at the Spiritual Association Hall at 9th & Collowhill Sts. and at a general lodge located at 232 N. 9th St. He handled services for all Armenian denominations throughout the city. Rev. Jenanyan is also known for having named the California town of Yettem, which was founded by Armenians in 1902. His brother Movses was first minister and owned a ranch and vinyards in the area.

Rev. Harutune Jenanyan died on September 27, 1907.

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