Obituary for Katheryn Whysong

Katheryn Meriam “Katie” Whysong 

Katie Whysong was a bright, creative, and beautiful young woman.  She was so loved and left a huge void in many hearts when she left.  We could never have imagined a world without her light, and the world is a darker place.  

Katie was typically quiet and shy in groups and around strangers but when you were blessed to gain her trust, you learned that she was very quick-witted and clever. She had a contagious laugh that filled the room - and your heart. 

Katie had a beautiful voice and loved singing.  She was a member of honors choir and Vulpes Cantantes at Fox Chapel Area School District. She loved the musicals too, but preferred a supporting role of course, working stage crew and set design. 

Katie was an amazing artist, taking any random piece of paper and turning it into something beautiful. She won awards and praise from others who admired her powerful work. She also loved craft projects, constantly finding something new to create. 

Katie loved animals and they loved her. Our blind cat, Oscar, especially adored Katie. He would routinely make laps around the house each evening, meowing until he finally found her and a spot on her lap. 

Above all, Katie loved her friends and family.  Any time spent with her brother and sisters was a treasure and they loved being with her; playing games, being silly, shopping and just hanging out. Family dinners, vacations, and binge-watching reality shows...she glowed. She belonged. 

Katie’s circle of friends was everything to her - a safe place for her to be herself. She was a good friend who was extremely supportive, often carrying the problems and concerns of those whom she cared about most. Her friends were often a lifeline for her, and she, them. They were each very special, loved, and important.  She was passionate about helping others who struggled as she did, offering support and encouragement to friends and strangers alike.  

On March 10, 2021, Katie lost the battle with depression she’d been quietly fighting for years. We were blessed to love her with all our hearts and blessed to have her love us back. Losing her has caused more pain than we could have ever imagined, but finally, she is at peace

If Katie has ever made you laugh or smile or feel good about yourself, please feel free to share it here and please visit her at the beautiful Penn Forest Natural Burial Park. She is still with us all in spirit and in energy. We’re certain that she would love to hear from you.