The Life of Angelo Kalligheri

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My Grandfather The Baker (Angelo/Michael)

Angelo Michele Kalligheri was born in Smyrna Greece (now Ismir, Turkey) around 1897 and came to the United States to live the American Dream during world war 1, leaving from Constantinople Via Ship and arriving in Boston, Massachusetts . 1919. He went on to become the head baker at the famous Omni Parker House in downtown Boston which is home of the original Boston Creme Pie. He married Alice Beckwith and had 4 children, Alwyn, Alice, Sandra and Armand and they lived in Boston's west end. He passed away in April of 1952 far too soon. He was loved dearly by his young children and wife and is still missed to this day by his kids and grandkids.

Posted by Jeff K on 11/25/2018