The Life of Kimmerle C. Milnazik

Local Artist & Illustrator

Kimmerle Milnazik, local artist from Wayne, Pa. She was a 1977 graduate of Temple University.

Well known for her art and illustrations. She did work for the Philadelphia Opera Company, and her illustrative art appears on limited edition Disney Collector Plates, Wizard of Oz plates and Christmas balls for Bradford Exchange, & Elvis Presley Music Box Collections for Edwin Knowles China Co.

Kimmerle's posters are part of the Cultural Heritage exhibition for Iraq Museum International.

Kimmerle Milnazik - Iraq Museum International

Also of mention is her illustration which she entered into the World Trade Center Site Memorial Project.

Kimmerle Milnazik - WTC Site Memorial Illustration

Kimmerle C. Milnazik died on March 3, 2006.

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To the family of "Sweet Kim" Though we never kept in touch after graduating from Tyler, I have always thought of her. I remembered her interest in illustrating surgeries and medical proceedures and wondered if she had pursued it. I see that she had accomplished much in her short lifetime. She was an incredibly talented artist and one of the sweetest people I had ever known. I was saddened to hear of her passing. I will remember her always. M.J.
Posted by M. Jane (Marion) S

Recalling Kim

I met Kim at an art festival in Philadelphia in 1976, bought her Nightengale book. Such a lovely woman and talented artist, never forgot her. So sorry to learn of her passing. EdBuryn

Posted by Ed B on 06/19/2019