The Life of Jesus "Jesse" Suarez

Jesus “Jesse” Suarez, 45, passed away peacefully at his home in South San Francisco on December 27, 2020, after a courageous 14-month battle with brain cancer. Jesse was born on September 30, 1975, in San Francisco, California, to Lucia Medrano and Raul Suarez. He was raised in South San Francisco.

Jesse owned his own plumbing business, Certified Plumbing and Rooter, which served the entire Bay Area Peninsula. He cared deeply about the quality of service provided to all his customers. Jesse was a dedicated 49ers fan. Whether tailgating or traveling to away games, Jesse was definitely in the “Bang, Bang, Niner Gang.” He also loved camping and barbecuing with family and friends.

Jesse was thoughtful, kind, loving, strong, generous, fun, and courageous. He never complained and was always positive, even during his battle with cancer, which he fought to the very end. Jesse’s family and friends were everything to him. If he loved you, you knew it! We will never forget his big heart.

Jesse will be dearly missed by his loving wife, Samantha, and his three children, Dominique, Frankie, and Kayla. He is also survived by his mother Lucia Medrano; father Raul Suarez; stepparents Basilio Alvarez and Mari Suarez; sisters Lucy Sanchez, Jenny Alvarez, Livier Suarez, Vanessa Castillo, and April Suarez; brothers Basilio (Junior) Alvarez, Alex Suarez, and Julio Suarez; and many nieces and nephews. Jesse is predeceased by his beloved brother Raul Armando Suarez. He also leaves behind his dog and best friend “Fluffy.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all services will be limited to immediate family only.

The vigil service will be held on Sunday, January 10, 2021, between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. at Cypress Lawn, 1383 El Camino, Real, Colma, CA. The funeral Mass will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, January 11, 2021, at All Souls Church, South San Francisco, CA. Burial will follow at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA.

Contributions in memory of Jesse Suarez can be made to the Glioblastoma Foundation at

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I remember how it all began

The 1st time meeting Jesse he pulled up to an outdoors rave off third in his rx7. We must have been 14 or 15- early 90s. The smoke from his tires and his car screeching while he’s whippin em right at the rave. I remember Samantha and Diana said oh shit he’s here. This became a regular situation where Jesse would show up and my cousin would be Mia. No matter what tent she tried to hide in or bathroom- he was on a mission. Now that I think back- I know she told him where we were at. Lol  Whenever him and his crew came through- I use to tell my little raver  friends to run.  Jesse was one of the 1st dudes I met that had a cell phone back then- not just a pager. I remember walking down a dark hall at the  cow palace rave. I was wearing peach and he said san’ra u look like peach cobbler- where you going??I told my little raver friends keep going don’t stop.  He comes up to me and he’s says where your fucking cousin. I was always scared of his friends back then but he always made me feel safe. I brought him to Samantha  while she was giggin with D.they were both mad at me because they knew their night was cut short.  

Jesse as a young teen made sure I was always safe. He would tell Samantha get San’ra over here.

I have so many memories of Jesse being so overprotective of us. He would deny it to the fullest but I knew whenever I went out with Jess and Sam- I was always taken care of.

I can only laugh at the stuff Jesse would do so we wouldn’t have to leave the tailgate at the games. He seriously came through with a port-a potty  in the back of his truck.

Jesse had a big ass heart but when it came to to anybody he didn’t know, trying to come try and talk to any of us, he would turn into superhero. Jess would  put a end to it. Foamin at the mouth- there was no calming him down at that point so it was best for us girls to be on our best behavior.

Jesse loved to tease and have fun- he would tease the hell out of me for some stupid ass shit I did. His energy is unlike anybody I know.

Samantha and Jesse had been in and out of each other’s life but they always seemed to find each other. In our early 20s, I remember Samantha and I going out to dinner with Jeremy and Jesse. Jesse had many questions for Sam and it was as if they had never stopped loving each other. When Samantha moved away, she always knew the latest on him. I wasn’t surprised when she up and left to spend her life with the man she always loved. He always use to tell me Sammy is my true love.

They both made each other stronger and they were the power couple.

Jesse loved my daughters and called them his nieces. I could have never asked for a better uncle, brother in law/cousin in law. Jesse would make sure to check on me and the girls. He would love to tell me how great Kayla is doing in school and the things she was into. He loved our kids like they were his. His children are lucky to say they had such a hardworking kindhearted

man as their father and he will forever watch over them.

Jesse made my cousin a better woman and I know she made him a better man. I cherish the videos that Samantha sent of Jesse even when he was sick – he always had a smile on his face. I am so proud to call Samantha my cousin, my sister, my best friend because she showed him love that he never had before. I spoke to many doctors and specialist about Jesse and they were honest with me. I did not want to believe it because the power couple had so much hope and love that I couldn’t believe it. Samantha you gave him life when he had nothing but darkness. I cried and cried of joy when Samantha got him an Airbnb with a pool because his doctor told Samantha do something fun or that he likes. She knew he loved the lake so the safest place would be a pool. Omg the videos she shared with me of his joy to this day I watch because he did not want to go- he did not want to leave Samantha. I know he will forever be by her side and I know nobody will ever fill those shoes. I don’t think I could ever go to a game without him because he not only kept me in check but it won’t be the same.

Samantha called doctors and specialist to try anything and everything for Jesse. She worked with some of the top doctors in the world. She did her own alternative medicine, she gave him structure, but most of  she gave him love and took care of him. She surrounded him with family and friends to show him how special he was not only to her but to all his friends and family. Samantha took off of her career 15 months to take care of him and to fill him up with love and she did everything she could to keep a smile on his face during the most difficult times. The little things she would do for his bday and all the cards he got, the holidays at an Airbnb so his family could enjoy time with him, the car show, the niners game with his friends – everything she did for him was out of love. I pray everyday and every night that my cousins heart gets filled with all the love he shared with us  and that her pain eases.




Posted by KaSandra S on 04/18/2021


He believed in people . He would greet you with a genuine smile . He uplifted all those around him. He will be truly missed . 

Posted by Daniel G on 01/10/2021

Growing up in tha same Neighborhood

My name is Jaybone and I lived in Pecks Lot where Jesse once lived. I had tha chance to grow a few a years with this man, I will never forget him. We would go shopping for clothes downtown SF for clothes,shoes,hats and gold. We went to Great America Amusement Park which is tha farthest I think i traveled with him, besides tha time we went to Oakland for the speaker convention. He has always been in prayers as we as my other childhood friends. My condelonces to tha family, may they stay strong and get thru life with love and happiness after a while from this. Its hard now I know it. I wanted to see him so bad in August 2020. Love U Jesse , If we could see each other again til next time. 

Posted by Jay B on 01/10/2021

To the Big Homie

Jessie and I have always been oddly connected in numerous ways . He first entered my life in the late 80's when he used to get free pizza (k.0 pizza)from my parents in exchange for handing out flyers with some other lil homies from the hood which he later told me they used to toss them in the dumpster then go get more pizza 

😂😂😂that was hilarious to me. I first met Jessie as a grown up many years later during the hyphy movement (We all remember seeing Jess hanging out his whips I'm sure ✊🏽)when I was working as a laborer at a plumbing company in San Carlos . And Jessie had the most infectious energy I was instantly drawn to him as he was 8 years older than I was and he was in full stride a big dog with his Salesman swag and plumbing abilities he took me under his wing and gave me the game I use to this very day to support my family and provide the best most 💯 service to the customers 

We became close spending hours every day working together for years and sharing jobs and just talking about everything and anything And having a good ass time doing it even though we we're working 

When he started Certafied plumbing we spent a lot less time around each other but regardless wherever I went to events I'd run into Sam and Jessie whether it was @ the NBA finals or a comedy show a Giants Game and of Course the times I made it out the hottest tailgate parties on 🌍  I'll forever cherish the beautiful customized wedding albums you gave us and I will never Forget all the things you've taught me. I'm a better person because I got the chance to get to know you I thank you for loving me your forever my OG . I love you and I know I'll see you again one day 🙏🏽✊🏽South City's Finest 

One Love from

Freddy,Samantha,Ella and Vinny Melendez 


Posted by Freddy M on 01/11/2021

Brother from another mother!

Damn, lost right now! Jesse had always looked after me as a brother and treated me better than my own brother! He took me in when I needed somebody to look up too etc. I remember him telling me that he would always have my back, teaching me how to Mac on ladies, how to fight, hustle, and look good in the process lol!! S* my own daughters fell in love with Jess cause he represented himself as straight Fam too all of us. I remember showing a video to him when I was in Afghanistan wit me putting waste down to the enemy and he was hella proud of me, even though I was doing evil s*! Made me appreciate no matter what I've done he would always love me and treat me as a brotha! Samatha has been apart of my life sense they been together and is by far the strongest, beautiful, inspiring, inspirational, independent, loyal, selflessness, successful, loving woman I've have ever know and I thank you for everything you've done for Jess and and family! He will be missed but not forgotten. LOVE YOU BROTHA! 

Posted by Nicholas L on 01/11/2021

Big Bro

Jesse and I worked together for about 8yrs at a plumbing company he was my #1 plumber. I kept telling him to get his contrator license and open up his own plumbing company one day he came up to me and said Raquel am ready can you sign off my state contractor license application with no hesitation I said most definitely and the rest of history.

Jesse was a very smart, kind, loving and hard working man. He was like my older bro everytime we talked or text he would say take care sis I love you and appreciate you checking in on me. 


Bro your're probbaly looking down from heaven up above sending out smiles with days of sunshine and showers of love. I will truly miss you and will always carry you in my heart. 



Your sis Raquel. 


Posted by Raquel C on 01/13/2021


Jesse was a  close friend of my cousin and they would respect each other as brothers. He treated me like I was his family. He would come over to my house always laughing and sharing a joke. His easy-going demeanor made him a pleasure to be around. He was well-liked by my dad and would ask my dad for advice in regards to construction because my dad was a general contractor with over 30 years of experience and the two would learn from each other. One time at Hot August Nights 1997  I was 19 yrs old and went up there with just the clothes on my back (lol) with only pennies to spare. I bumped into Jesse and my cousin he made sure I had something to eat hung out with us shared some laughs and made sure that I was well taken care of. That alone speaks volumes about his spirit as his memory will live on. As life goes on people eventually separate and go their ways. But every time a function of some sort or a 49er playoff game/bbq would bring us together he picked up right where left off during that weekend in Hot August Night 1997 making sure that I was comfortable and well taken care of. His hospitality for me will always be cherished.   One - Luv Jesse!   Marcel & Rick                                                   



Posted by marcel p on 01/12/2021

Brother Jes

You were there for me, thru thick and thin

God blessed me Big Time

You were more than a Friend

like steel braids on the bridge

our bike rides to marin

tight like brothers in this life

and till we meet again

under your house we had a spot

made it really nice

spray paint walls, old couch

of the floor throwing dice

fishing anywhere, off the tubes so much fun 

laughing at jermey's ass

On his across the freeway run

7B down to Market

grab some kicks, the arcade

or tag at the airport, these memories never fade

the industrials, our playground

hotels for a swim

laughing having fun

from begining to the end

sneaking into games, little kids at the Stick

when it came to getting girls

You always had your pick

so many adventures

some close some far

It was on every day when you got your first car

You were a constant in my life

even when I moved away

You would pick me up at the airport

I always had a place to stay

King of the tail gate you took care of us all

going to miss you even more every single Fall

Certified Plumbing, what!!! Above all the rest

You got a plumbing issue, call Jes he's the best

you and Sam were ment to be,

a gift to all you know

the power couple always fitted

from fresh hat to the toe

Your missed so much

your heart was like no other

So Glad God blessed me to have you as my brother. 

Jes our friendship was strong and consistent. You became my brother over the years. You are even a brother to my little brother. Love you so much. Please watch out for us up there. I know your doing it big in paradise. You will always be in my heart. I promise to be there for Samantha, Frankie and Kayla. 



Posted by Kevin L on 01/12/2021

Forever Love

My Sweet, Generous, Thoughtful, Caring, Strong, Hard Working Husband! I never came across anyone like him before, I mean when we were younger I always felt like he was like that annoying older brother who would call us out on things, catch us slipping but always took care of us and kept us eating, you know. He always had a piece of my heart from the beginning. When we ventured through the journey of our adulthood I thought of Jesse often & always hoped to run into him one day. Well that day came & it was the beginning of our Forever Love. Everything fell into place, and we were off! Years of family, laughter, holidays, vacations, niner games, camping, friends, but most of all we had honesty, trust, loyalty, marriage and love. Jesse Suarez my brave handsome husband. I wish I could have changed spots with you because when you love someone so bad you hate to see them in pain so I began to build strength for both of us but it wasn't enough. My life will never be the same without you. I'm right back where I started, hoping for the day I run into you again but I know that will seal our love story for eternity. I love you❤️✨❤️✨stay with me forever -Samantha

Posted by Samantha S on 01/16/2021

Love for my brother

I don’t know where to begin because I still haven’t truly processed my brother not being here right now! It really messes me up! All of it everything from his fall to his last breath literally makes me sick. For him to have to go through and pass the way he did is unthinkable. The pain still grows for all of us that love and I miss him so much! Deep sigh 😔 I was fortunate to have a library of memories that make me laugh and cry til this day. I met Jesse when I was 11 or 12 years old at paradise valley “the rec” where he was always clowning and teasing me. Well one night at pizza and pipes after a junior high dance while I was waiting for my mom we had a good ass talk and we were close ever since! He would come over my house and I would go over to his house. He lived on Randolph in this White House w red trim Jesse pimped out the whole down stairs basement in sections it was like a cave and I can’t remember what he called it. Jesse always had a name he would give places things and everyone. Through the years we built an unbreakable bond we would share throughout time. Not only with me everyone I loved my parents my sister and most of all my best friend Samantha 🥰 I have so many funny stories from when we were kids to teens to adults. Jesse is a character so charismatic, funny and fearless. He would do the craziest thing out nowhere and next thing you’re along for the ride. He was a prankster and would scare us when my parents would leave us home alone. One time he climbed on the roof and started jumping on it and I thought we were having a earthquake then you’d see his head pop down from the window and we would scream our heads off😅 man I hated getting out of his car at Vinnies street on spruce it’s a steep ass hill and he would pull over like he was going to let me in and drive off and have me chasing the car all the way up the hill almost. I would be so mad he would laugh his face off. He’d tell me come on D let’s go to the drive inn. I’d be like I don’t got no money. He’d say don’t worry D I got you then we’d get close by the movies and he tells me to get in the trunk which I do and he tells me to be quiet and all this then we get in he drives his car like a maniac up and down those hills 🤦‍♀️ oh Jesse!! He was the perfect big brother! He always took good care of me and my family. And I learned so much from him. He was constantly schooling me. He is one of the most influential people not only to me but our whole crew. To say he will be missed is a huge understatement. I feel robbed that he’s not here. For everything his style, music just the way he moved. He was a trailblazer. He is a huge factor and played a huge role in so many moves I made trying to be like him. He always helped me from getting locked out of my house, flat tires. Everything. He was the first person to hug me when my cousin died and I got up to speak. He was always there the good the bad and the ugly. I regret being hardheaded and not listening to him for so many things. He always tried to steer me right! He was there when both my kids were born there’s so much he showed up for for me and I’m truly grateful for all our precious moments!


Posted by D$ A on 03/20/2021