The Life of Luanne Irene Skurka

Luanne I. Skurka, 59, of East Pikeland, passed away suddenly and peacefully on June 8, 2020. Born in Haverford, Pa., raised in Drexel Hill, she attended Upper Darby High School and was a member of the class of’81 at Shippensburg University, earning a B.S. in Education. Through the years Luanne worked for Shared Medical Systems (SMS), Personnel Data Systems, SEI as a Project Leader, at Abington Memorial Hospital as a Financial Systems Analyst and retired from Universal Health Services (UHS) in 2016. 

Outside of work, Mom’s House of Phoenixville was an organization she was very passionate about. She served on its’ Board for many years and would always attend and promote their events.

A devout member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Chester Springs. Her deep devotion to the Lord shone through in everything she did. Some of her greatest joys were with her Bible studies. After her retirement she had more time to devote to this passion and she became a small group leader of the Women’s Bible Study group, leading her to a higher spiritual place.

 Her selflessness was truly a joy to all. She had an uncanny knack to fit in with everyone. She had a true gift in the way she ministered. A card, phone call, or a visit was her way of sharing the love she felt.

On a personal note, anyone who knew Luanne could see she was a beautiful person in every way; Kind, loving, giving, supportive, fun, quick witted, extremely smart are just a few of her qualities. Her legacy is the way she touched and enriched those around her.

Psalm 46:10 was her favorite verse. “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Daughter of the late Lucille and Robert Skurka, She is survived by her boyfriend Michael Derr, cousins, John and Rita Skurka, Francine French, Casey McClellan, Tara Skurka, Matthew Skurka, Marybeth Prager and Emerson Prager;

Her close friends, Mary Jo & David Heyne, and Sophia & Edward Davis chose her to be Godmother to their children, Brittany Heyne and Colby Davis. She loved these children like family, along with their siblings, Samantha & Danielle Heyne and Olivia & Hayley Davis. Contributions to Mom’s Place…address

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Joyful, Faithful Luanne

Today, June 23rd, 2020 would have been Luanne’s 60th Birthday here on earth. Never in a million years would I have thought that today I would be writing my memories of Luanne on her obituary site. She passed away about 2 weeks ago – so suddenly and unexpectedly – that it still feels so unreal and painful.

Before we (my husband Sigi, our two children Jonas and Fiona, and myself – Birgit) got to know Luanne, we were first close friends with her parents Lue and Bob, who were also our neighbors. Our children called them Oma Lue and Opa Bob.  We spent time with Luanne and her parents for social events, but after Luanne’s parents had passed away (about 17 years ago), Luanne became a very close friend of ours.

It was not expected of her, but she offered to take the place of her parents in our children’s lives. She attended every school event, Christmas pageant in church, and other little events and milestones in our children’s lives. She celebrated each one of us with an extra birthday party at her home or at special locations that the birthday person would enjoy. 

She was interested in the person in front of her, she always asked about my parents and my siblings in Germany. She was so joyful, (I can still hear her laughing). We always knew that when Luanne is with us, we would all have a fun time, be encouraged and lifted up.

Luanne was the best gift giver! She knew exactly what each person would enjoy as a present. Something like that does not just happen. One has to listen well and pay attention to the other person in order to know what they like and what they don’t like, and what they really love. Luanne was so selfless. It made her so happy to see others happy.

Luanne had the ability to make you feel special when you were with her.

I learned from her to give the gift of “memorable times” to a person. Luanne would take a day off from work to spend a whole day with me for my birthday. She would spend a day with me in Philadelphia at the Art Museum and then treat me to dinner. She picked me up in the morning and brought me home in the evening. I felt like royalty.

Other times we would go together to Lancaster County to watch a show at “Sight and Sound” and spend time at an Amish Restaurant.

Luanne took part in my passions and helped me organize women’s events at my church. She was such an encourager! After her early retirement, we saw each other every week at a Women’s Bible Study where she got very involved. I could see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her: love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Luanne and I have been through good times and sad times together. We laughed together and we cried together.

She shared everything so generously with me including her parents. Luanne wrote to me once that she saw me as her sister. I hope I fulfilled that role in the same way that she did for me. 

Yes, it would have been her 60 Birthday here on Earth today and I am happy that we (lots and lots of her friends) threw her a surprise Birthday party for her 50th Birthday. But even if we would have the most beautiful and elaborate and most extravagant Birthday Party for her today, she would not want to change places. For a believer in Christ,  “ be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD” (2. Corinthians 5:8). To see the LORD JESUS face to face is the place that we are made for and where there is unspeakable joy. It pleased GOD to draw her already to Himself, letting her see already what she was believing.

Everything in life is temporary except for GOD’S Love.

And in a million years from now, Luanne will still be as amazed at the Love of Christ as the day she first saw HIM face to face.

Posted by Birgit E on 06/23/2020