The Life of Gordon Taufa Manuofetoa

The Life & Journey of Gordon Taufa Manuofetoa

Gordon was born on April 14, 1988 at Kaiser hospital, Redwood City.

His mother is RoseMillie Rass (the eldest daughter of Edwin Rass and Tufihea Liongitau) Gordon’s grandfather is a native of Detroit, MI & Houma, Toloa & Malapo, Tonga. Gordon’s grandmother hails from the villages of  Kolomotu’a, Pea Tongatapu and Pangai, Ha’apai.

Gordon’s father is Penisimani Manuofetoa commonly known to Tongans as “Tuila ‘o Kalefonia”. His parents are Fifita and Taufa Manuofetoa. Fifita is from Talihau, Holonga, and Makave Vava’u as well as Ha’alalo Tongatapu. Taufa is from Holonga, Koulo & Ha’ano Ha’apai.

Gordon Taufa Manuofetoa is the second eldest out of 4 children. The oldest being his sister Veronica Fifita Tu’itupou, #2 is Gordon Taufa Manuofetoa, #3 is Richard Rass Manuofetoa and youngest is Walter Manuofetoa.  

Gordon grew up as joy filled, free spirited child. He also was raised together with his first cousins (Luisa & Fanakena Puamau’s children). In addition, Gordon was also a close brother to the Finau family in San Bruno

Gordon attended both Westview Elementary School and  Pacific Heights Middle School in Pacifica, CA. He also attended South San Francisco High School for a short time before departing the U.S in 2005 to the South Pacific to Tonga where he attended school at Kolisi Tonga ‘Atele.  

During his time in Tonga, he was cared and loved for by his uncle Lisiate Rass and his grandmother Tufihea Liongitau. In addition to attending school at ‘Atele, Gordon was also part of the school’s brass band. Cherished memories of Gordon in Tonga include him being so whole heartedly being humble. At times he left school in order to find side jobs just so he could get some food for him and his brothers.

After a year of his journey in Tonga he returned to the U.S and on August 31, 2013 he migrated to Oahu, Hawaii where he wed the love of his life, Mele Naite Moala.

MeleNaite is the daughter of Siu Loiloi Kauvaka of Feletoa, Matamaka, Niua and Holonga Vava’u. MeleNaite’s father (who has passed away) is Sione Emili Moala of Talafo’ou, Nukuleka and Ha’akame, Tonga.

MeleNaite is the youngest of 7 children.

Gordon and MeleNaite were blessed with 3 children. The oldest is their daughter, koe

Rose Rass Manuofetoa (age 4), second is daughter Emeline Fahina Pututau(age 2) and youngest is Ruth Magdalena Rischert Manuofetoa (age 1)

Gordon actively participated in church ministries including Sunday School and youth ministry programs of the First Tongan United Methodist Church of San Bruno (FTUMC).

Gordon loved music and he was very talented and gifted especially in playing the tuba and soprano cornett. Indeed he was a superb tuba player. Gordon was filled with life and loved to make others laugh and smile. He was charismatic. A fond memory by the FTUMC men’s group is Gordon not only enjoyed life but he liked to keep things tidy and neat.

Gordon was not only a husband and father to his children, but he was a son, brother and a great friend to many, many people including the homeless community in San Bruno. He was an uncle to Penisimani and Eveline Manuofetoa as well as Notoriana and Latiano Tu’itupou (who currently reside in Tonga). Loving memories from his niece and nephew “We love you our dearest uncle. We shall never forget your love. Although you used to always ask our mommy for spare change or money, that will be of no more and we now only yearn to hear your voice once more.”

Gordon affiliated with so many families in the church and community including those who weren’t members of the FTUMC church. He connected with those of different faiths and beliefs. He connected with people from all backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities.

The history behind the name Gordon Taufa Manuofetoa. He was named by Lien Nau and her late grandfather the late Rev. Samipeni Finau. Gordon’s namesake is the infamous Major General Charles Gordon of Britain. General Charles Gordon assisted by his dream identified “The Place of the Skull and place of Jesus’ crucifixion in Jerusalem. The site is known as “Gordon’s Calvary”.

Saturday, July 12, 2019, Gordon’s journey on this earth came to an end. He will be remembered for his love for all people from all walks of life.

Gordon conquered his Calvary on earth.

Gordon lives on through his wife MeleNaite, his children Rose Rass, Ruth Magdalena and ‘Emeline Pututau. His parents Tuila ‘o Kalefonia and RoseMillie Manuofetoa. His siblings Veronica Fifita Tu’itupou, Richard and Walter Manuofetoa . His loving grandmother Tufihea Liongitau and his many, many families and friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Gordon, although we will miss you dearly, but we know you have definitely won your prize. With God’s promise, we will say see you later. ‘Ofa lahi atu, may you rest in God’s everlasting peace and love.

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