The Life of Herbert Pollehn

Obituary for Herbert H. KG Pollehn

Herbert Karl Pollehn was born on 2-27-1933 in Wiesbaden, Germany. His early years were spent in nearby Buchholz and he completed high school in Hamburg. His love for science was evident early in life and he eventually obtained both a Master’s Degree (1961) and a PhD in Physics (1966) from the University of Hamburg. He married Karin Stach on August 6, 1960 in Buchholz. His daughter Susanne was born in 1962 followed by his son Stefan in 1965. In early 1967 the family moved to America, eventually settling in the northern Virginia area. A second son, Thomas, was born in 1968. He became a United States citizen in 1973.
Herbert spent his career working with infrared optic technology. He started his employment at the Night Vision Laboratory – U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir, VA – in 1967 as a research physician. He gradually reached the position of team leader of the Image Intensifier Tube Technology Team. After many years of hard work he became the Director of the Infrared Technology Division in 1986. Several years later in 1992 he became the Associate Chief of the Electro Optics Division at the the newly established Army Research Laboratory (ARL). He retired from the Federal Government in May 2008.
Besides physics, Herbert had many lifelong passions. He was always there for his family. He coached his son’s and granddaughter’s soccer teams and was a Mansion House Swim Team rep. He was an avid and prolific gardener; he would keep his family with a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables nearly year round! He was always helping his children and granddaughter with their schoolwork, especially with math and science. He played soccer well into this 50s and of course cheered on his beloved Die Mannschaft (German national soccer team). He will be sorely missed.

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