The Life of Shirley Sager Hatten

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When my 16 year old daughter Ashley was born she came 

up 2 days later. I have never seen anyone so in love with

there granddaughter. She beamed and there was that special 


We love you mom

Posted by Amy H on 12/30/2018

Some Dead show back in the day...

Shirley and I were talkng down this tripper in the Rock Med tent.  He was racing, rapidly saying random nouns unattached to anything but his own hallucinogenic space, like 'manatee', 'loquat', 'oak', 'whisker', etc.  It was a fascinating trip - Shirley and I were trying to keep up and discern a pattern to break the rant. Just then, Bill Graham popped his head into the tripper tent (for any Rock Med nooBs reading this, yes, that would've been a HIPPA violation if HIPPA existed when Bill was alive).  Without missing a beat, the tripper said "Bill Graham" and went right back into his rant.  Bill turned to Shirley quizzically and she said "A moment of coherence" and we all laughed so hard after, dizzy from the contact high.  

I spent countless hours with Shirley helping people through their bad trips.  She had a tremendous love for the art of talkdown, a compassionate empathy along with a sparkling sense of humor about it all.  I'm saddened that so few of the present generation of RM got to work with her, to learn from her, so those magic skills of hers might have been passed on.  


Posted by Gene C on 01/02/2019