The Life of Marlis Capra

When we meet, she was singing in the Village Presbyterian Church choir of 450 singers and active in the single group as a greeter.

Over time she started going to Valley View Methodist Church, and singing in their choir and volunteering at the church.

I found out she was fearless and would try anything once. We went camping, canoeing, and jumping off cliffs (with ropes) and many other activities. After a few years she grew tired of outdoor activities, especially jumping off cliffs.

She was volunteering for other groups, so we started working for Kansas City Habitat for Humanity. After helping to build 18 houses (every weekend until the house was done, about 10 to 15 weeks per house) and after many years of cutting wood, setting up walls and walking on top of walls setting roof trusses and finishing the roof, she grew tired of this and found other things to volunteer for.

She had part of the American dream. She was born in Germany the aftermath of World War II on April 13, 1948 and lived seven hard years in Germany. She was adopted and brought to the United States, where she learned English and earned her citizenship to the United States.

Also, she love Mickey Mouse and was like a kid when we went to Disney World for a few days. Now I’m dealing with ALL the Disney stuff all over the house.

She enjoyed having fun and the big and little things that people did for her.

She was ill for many months before an accident brought out the illness. She passed away peacefully on Sunday morning, October 7, 2018.

I will miss her every day.

John Capra, husband

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Posted by Norman P on 10/16/2018