The Life of Catalina Valdez Camaclang

I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I'd like...Read More

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Dear family, I too know the pain of the loss of a loved one.  We can honor Catalina through comforting one another and treasure our memories. Our Creator has her in his memory, what a safe place to be, when the time is right we will be reunited with our loved ones, till then take confort in our hope found at Revelation 21:3&4

Posted by Theresa M on 05/18/2018

Fond Memories

Pls text her complete name. Auntie taling will always be fondly remembered for her thoughtfulness & love! Agnes seems to be the only one among us here who has been able to return that kindness through her dental check-ups. I will never forget auntie taling! (from Nini)

From Menchi:
I will certainly pray for her. She has been a very kind, generous, loving woman.

from Menchi:
I will certainly pray for her. She has been a very kind, generous, loving woman.


This is from Cheryl:
Auntie Talin was so kind, loving, and generous to all of us. She would always invite us to stay in her SF home and she always asked about mama. She treated me like family and I will always be grateful for her kindness and thoughtfulness. She always told me and nellie how much she appreciated Agnes's time and the free dental care she received, the numerous occasions that she experienced nini's warmth abd hospitality during her visits there, and menchi's laughter, bubbly personality and what Auntie would refer to as her "crazy antics". She also asked a lot about Lee and she loved reminiscing our family visits many moons ago. She was also glad to have met X when we made a trip to SF in 2014. We will all miss Auntie Talin. 🙏🏼

Oh my. I will miss her annual visits to my office and the chocolate egg candies that she would bring. In her eyes, we were forever kids that loved candies. She was one amazing lady. �May she walk straight into the arms of The Almighty Father in heaven. Mabuti pa sya, peaceful na. (from Agnes)

This came from mama:�Will offer prayer for Talin at mass tomorrow. May she rest in peace. She was such a gentle soul I’m sure she went straight to heaven. I send you my condolence , Nellie and please extend it to her bereaved family.

Posted by Severino C on 05/18/2018

A Loving And Supportive Mother

Mama grew up sheltered and protected under my grandfather, her eldest and only brother, her elder sisters, and my father.  I understand that someone trusted always had to be with her when she left the house.  God only knows how many sacks of rice Mama’s father sold to send his son to the U.S. to study. I heard that her father was fondly called ‘Don Vidal’ in the area grew up.  Mama was raised at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to my father.  He was born to a family of little means. 

To immediately deduct and conclude that Mama was weak and fragile is a big misperception.  In Mama’s childhood and adulthood existed a paradox. She was born with fortitude and determination.  She, on her own, purchase the land where my parents built our home.  This was without the knowledge of my uninterested father. My father did not want to move to the U.S.  Mama’s adventuresome and daring spirit led the way.  My brother’s and I were afraid that Mama would fall apart when Papa was sick and dying.  We were wrong.  Mama demonstrated steadiness, grittiness, and the backbone to survive the experience.  I might be painting an erroneous picture of my father.  His childhood destituteness forcefully made him adamant that his sons will never taste the poverty he experienced.  He did not want to leave for the U.S. because he adored his job, and was excellent at it. He was one of the top executives of Philippine Air Lines.   Not one of the company’s planes took off without his signature.  As an aeronautical engineer recognized by both the Philippine and U.S. Governments, he was also instrumental in the approval of Mama’s brother’s, (Ambrosio’s), PATTS College of Aeronautics in 1969.

Mama was generous, accommodating, and considerate to people.  She was a Monday to Monday Christian.  She taught me not to cheat anyone of anything, She demonstrated how to be very protective and caring of family.  It’s going to be a lot different without her around.  I am going to miss her a lot.


I have attached pictures taken during her 90th birthday taken by cousin Romeo (Temet) Inigo.

Posted by Severino C on 05/18/2018

Fulfilling God’s Purpose


Eileen, I'm sorry to hear your sad news. I believe Mama lived to fulfill God's purpose for her. And she lived a good 96 years! Please extend my sympathy to Sonny and the family. May they find comfort and assurance in the promise of God that those who have Jesus Christ in their hearts can be sure of being with Him forever.
Blessings to you all, Bing


Posted by Severino C on 05/19/2018

Thoughtful And Caring

Oh my.. opo they were very close.  Even samin po, that is why we all love her. (My parents and she were very close).  Nakalalungkot po. (Her passing away is very sad news to us).  Naalala ko everytime na uuwi siya dito hindi pwedeng hindi kami dadalaw sa kanya at parati siyang may pasaubong saming lahat. (Every time she came here to the Philippines, she had always something for everyone in my family).  Oh my.. opo they were very close.  Even samin po, that is why we all love her. Nakalalungkot po. Naalala ko everytime na uuwi siya dito hindi pwedeng hindi kami dadalaw sa kanya at parati siyang may pasaubong saming lahat. (She always expressed a desire to visit with my family). She’s very sweet and thoughtful. Pati po c babyta hindi alam. Naku hindi man sinabi samin ni nong Bing. (Uncle Bing has not told as yet).
Our deepest condolences to you po and the family.
Ano pong nangyari? Naopsital po b siya? (What happened?  Was she hospitalized?)
Will tell mama ang papa as soon as magising po sila, Pati kay brian. very sweet and thoughtful. Pati po c babyta hindi alam. Naku hindi man sinabi samin ni nong Bing. 
Our deepest condolences to you po and the family.
Ano pong nangyari? Naopsital po b siya?
Will tell mama ang papa as soon as magising po sila, Pati kay brian.
Posted by Severino C on 05/20/2018


It was winter of 1973 when I was first introduced to Ate Taling by my then fiance and later husband, Frank Camaclang, who was Kuya Binong's first cousin. She didn't know me then but yet made me feel so welcomed and at ease, like she's known me all my life. She fed us one of those comfort foods - arroz caldo and kept filling up our plates until we were so full that we could barely stand up. Over the years, she remained as she's always been, a caring and motherly person. May she rest in peace in our Lord's heavenly home.

Posted by Jo C on 05/21/2018

Gone Home To Our God

Dear Sonny and Eileen,
Just returned from a hectic UMWomen's Assembly held in Columbus, Ohio. I am so sorry about your loss and I send my deepest  sympathies. Losing a loved one is heartbreaking and sad. Nevertheless,  memories of her beautiful life will help you to carry on. And the assurance that your Mom has gone home to be in the bosom of our loving God and his promise of eternal life, where all of us hope to be when our time comes.
May God grant you peace and comfort during this time of grieving. Know that you are surrounded with our prayers and love.
In God's grip,
Manang Liw
Posted by Severino C on 05/22/2018

New Friends/Old Ones

So sorry about this kuya. I remember na kahit minsan at sandali lang ako na meet ni mama mabait sya sa akin at parang matagal na nya akong kilala. (I only met Mama once.  She treated me so nicely, like an old friend).  I think yong visits ko noong 2000 at 2003. (I think this was in 2000 or 2003).  So sad about this. I know no words can suffice my heart felt sorrow to the entire family- sa inyo ni Ate at sa mga kapatid mo, kay Oyie at si Ding. (Please extend my sympathies to the entire family: to your brothers Oyie and Ding).

Posted by Emmanuel C on 05/22/2018

Last Christmas

Most of my memories of Auntie Taling are from Christmas Day at the annual reunion of Camaclangs in the Bay Area since I was little. She was always happy to see me and would encourage me to play when I was feeling shy. In recent years she shared in my joy being able to include my wife and our children along with my parents and my sister. This last Christmas pictured ended up being the last one with her but also the first one without my dad, so it meant many things to me. We'll all miss you, Auntie Taling.

Posted by Ian C on 05/23/2018

Auntie Taling


I first came to America in 1973. Since then, I would come here every three years up to 2003. Thereafter, San Francisco was a city to visit once or twice a year.

Every time I came here, Auntie Taling would always treat my visit as if it were my first time with them. I always felt special. My first day of each stay in San Francisco meant that arroz caldo or sinigang na isda would be served at dinner. And the fish head was reserved for me. “Paborito yan ni Nellie” as Auntie would say.

Auntie Taling was the younger sister of my late mother, Daling, who also was Auntie’s best friend in the family. Bocoy or Sonny, Auntie’s eldest son, is my best friend in the Valdez family. So I guess it just came naturally that Auntie treated me like her daughter.

The home of the Camaclangs, whether in Cortland or Stoneridge, was, and still is, a happy and joyous place for all their guests. Auntie, Uncle, and the boys were, and are, so welcoming and generous with their time for us. My friends became their friends, and later became extended families.

Auntie loved to see us enjoying the food, wine, and laughter elicited after stories and jokes, never mind that they had been recycled over and over through the years. Auntie would listen to us with an amused smile on her face; sometimes she added her own version of the story. And always, she joined us for a glass, or two, of wine. She said wine gave her a good night’s sleep.

It took me sometime to snap out of my sadness after Bocoy told me about Auntie’s passing away. But as I thought of Auntie’s life, she indeed lived a happy, rich, and full life, loved by family and friends. She is at peace now, enjoying God’s comforting embrace.

Nellie Valdez
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Posted by Nellie V on 05/23/2018

Inner Strength

Please allow me to share a fond memory...Here is the Bible Verse that contains the 3 lessons I learned from Mama Inigo and Auntie Talin with their display of inner strength. In one of my conversations with Mama, I asked her what were her most important lessons in life. And in her own words, she summed up what was in this verse: "always be happy (contented), always pray, and always be thankful."
I realized that these were the attributes that I admired in Auntie Talin too, one of Mama's closest and favorite cousins. They both grew up with the same values and philosophy. Thank you so much for sharing her life and legacy with us.

Posted by Michele I on 05/24/2018

Mama C has been like a mother to us

My wife Bonet and I, together with our children, extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Mama C, in their time of bereavement.

Mama C, as we fondly call her, has been like a mother to me and Bonet. Everytime we come to visit San Francisco, she opens her home to us. During every stay we never felt awkward for she truly makes us feel at ease and welcome. She looks after our comfort and sees to it that we are never hungry. She is always there to assist.

Everytime she comes to manila she always has a ready present for everyone in my family. She is a truly honest to goodness, generous, loving and caring person. We also lost a mother in Mama C. One may wonder how our paths met, well Eileen, the wife of her eldest son Sonny, is my cousin. Thank you Mama C for your LOVE. 

Bong Delos Trinos

Posted by Bong D on 05/25/2018