The Life of Albert E Smith

United States Marine, Albert E. Smith

In World War I, the Marines did the hardest fighting in their history up to that time. The Fourth Brigade of Marines composed of the famous 5th anf 6th Regiments served as one of the infantry brigades of the Second American Division in the important battles of Belleau Wood. In June 1918, the Marines of the 4th Brigade fought with such ferocity that the Germans in their official reports referred to them as "teufel-hunden", devil dogs, a fighting name that has increased with popularity with the passage of time. Albert E. Smith was one of those Marines.

The records show that Al Smith served with the American Expeditionary Forces ashore in France from June 27, 1917 to March 3, 1919, and participated in active operations against the enemy in the Toulon Sector from March 18th to May 13th; in the Aisne Operations from June 1st - 5th; in the Chateau-thierry Sector (Belleau-Wood) from June 6th to July 16th; in the Aisne-Marne Offensive from July 18th - 20th in the St. Mihiel Offensive from September 12th - 16th; in the Champagne Offensive (Blanc Mont) from September 29th to October 10th; and in Meuse Argonne Offensive from October 25th to November 11, 1918.

Some of the Awards received are as follows:
-One Aisne Defence Battle Clasp.
-One St. Mihiel Battle Clasp.
-One Meuse Argonne Battle Clasp.
-One Defensive Sector Clasp.
-Four Bronze Stars.

On November 25, 1980, Albert E. Smith was awarded the distinction of being named Honorary Devil Dog #1 in the Military Order of the Devil Dogs. The only person to be a recipient of this honor.

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