The Life of Elizabeth Edith Siess


Elizabeth A. Siess was born was born July 25,1831 in Summit County, near Greenburg, Ohio, died January 11, 1910, aged 78 years, 5 months, and 17 days. She was converted in early life and joined the M. E. church and lived a devoted Christian until the death angel subpoenaed her to appear in another world.

Married Lewellyn Siess April 17, 1851 in Canton, Ohio. To this union six children were born, two having died in childhood while four still live to witness this sad occasion. The church is greatly bereaved for she was a loyal member; the home is lonesome for her soul ran over with joy; the harp strings are silent, for she was a lover of music; the vacant seat in the home will always remind us that mother is gone.

She enjoyed the sweets of many summers and faced the bleak wind of many winters while her soul drank in the sweets of God’s love.

For her long night of death has become, she has joined the great company of the dead, over her grave the grass will grow green and the flowers will bloom, the moss will soon cover her inscription on the tomb, but her good Christian name will never be forgotten.

The winter snows will make her shroud, the midnight sky will shelter her grave. God that gave thee and the earth that made thee will claim the house that was wrecked by storm and the intrepid soul. The wintery blasts and the moan of the cold, bleak wind are hushed in death, the springs of life are dried up, the summer flowers are blasted, the song birds cease to chant the evening song, but the heavenly anthem resounds with another sweet song of Zion on golden harps of exquisite joy.

If all for whom she had a kind work were to bring a rose and place it on the unreplying dead, she would sleep today in a wilderness of flowers. Good-bey mother, but not forever.

Rev. A.J. Bruner, PH. D.
Olathe Mirror
January 20, 1910 Pg. 4, Col. 6

2nd Addition, Block 1, Lot 157, N4.

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