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. In Attempting To Save Him Two Others Came Near Drowning. --Rescued by Companion, Who Reached Them From Pole

Frankie Tolbedt a sixteen year old colored boy was drowned in the Frisco lake Monday afternoon, and two companions who were with him narrowly escaped while trying to rescue him. Three negro boys and a white boy were in swimming. The white boy was Emmerson Monteith the son of a blacksmith here. Fred Pollock was fishing near the place where the boys were bathing at the time of the accident.

Suddenly Tolbert called for help and Pollock plunged into the water with his cloths on and reached the boy. The boy siezed hold of him and the two went down struggling. Alfred Clark, one of the colored boys tried to give assistance and all would have drowned had it not been for the assistance given by Monteith who managed to reach Pollock and Clark with a fishing pole and rescued them when completely exhausted. They were unable to save Tolbert. Help was sent for and the body taken from the water, but all efforts to revive him failed.

This is the first death from drowning in the lake for some years, but is the fourth death since the lake was constructed some eighteen years ago. The lake covers about twelve acres and is quite deep on the north side rising gradually to the south where it is very shallow. This has been for many years a favorite swimming place for the boys of this city.

The death of this boy is the second accidental death in the Tolbert family, one of the brothers having accidentally shot another some years ago while playing with a gun. The Tolberts are highly recommended colored people and the public sympathize with the family in their bereavement The family have resided in this city for many years. It is reported that the Railway company will close the lake and prohibit bathing by posting signs around it. This has already been done by the Santa Fe railway company at Ed ston and other points along the road, and was done to prevent just such accidents as have several times occurred at the Frisco lake near this city.

The Olathe Independent
June 17, 1914
Page 1 Col 4

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