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Again our city was thrown into a state of excitement about 11 o''clock yesterday (Wednesday) morning by the announcement that H. A. Taylor, one of the oldest residents of Olathe, had shot and killed himself at his home on east Loula street. A reporter for the Mirror went at once to the scene of the suicide and found Mr. Taylor lying, on the floor in an upstairs bedroom in a pool of blood with a 38 caliber bullet hole through his head from temple to temple. Two beds were in the room, a rocking chair and a dresser. Mr. Taylor’s position on the floor indicated that he had shot himself while standing before the looking glass in the dresser. He fell between the beds with his head away from the dresser, above his head and to one side stood the rocking chair in which was found a small pool of blood. The revolver, a 38 caliber, Fore Hand, was laying between his legs with only one cartridge empty. No words written or spoken were left to furnish any reason for the awful deed.

When the shot was fired Mrs. N. J. Hampton, who was doing some sewing for the family was the only one in the house. She occupied a room below and was running her machine when she heard the report from the revolver. She was not satisfied as to the nature of the sound and called to Mrs. Taylor, who was in the yard at the time, and told her of what she had heard. Mrs. Taylor went to the head of the stairs and opening the bed room door found her husband as reported above. Dr. Williamson was called at once but life was extinct long before he reached the house. The doctor says he died instantly.

 Mr. Taylor had been suffering from hay fever for several weeks, though he was not confined to his bed. On Tuesday afternoon he was down town and seemed in unusually good spirits and played pool for nearly two hours. Wednesday  morning he got up as usual and was busy most of the time about the place. Several times during the morning he went to Mrs. Hampton and asked her about school. About time for recess he went and asked if school had been called, a question he had asked about 9 o''clock when school was called in the morning. It was almost 11 o''clock when he shot himself , so that it is believed he wanted to be sure that school was called.

 His daughter Louise, and son Henry, were at school and were sent for as soon as possible after the deed was done. Alias Kate, the oldest daughter, was in Kansas City at the time of her father''s death. Henry A. Taylor was born in Fairfield, Fairfield, Iowa, in 1816. He came to this county in 1870. In 1872 he married Miss Harriet H. Taylor of this county. For three years he served as deputy county clerk and was then elected county treasurer. He has always proven mimself to bea  good busines man and a very useful citizen, and his tragic death is very much lamented. As we go to press no arrangements have been made for the funeral.

Olathe Mirror
Sept. 22, 1904
Page 2, Col 3
1st Addition, Block 118, Lot 3, e4


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Obituary - H.A. Taylor

Obituary - H.A. Taylor
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