Bv request a friend contributes the following upon the life of Mr. Townley whose death was briefly' announced last week,
Mr. John C. Townley was born near Syracuse in the state of New York but his father moved to Iliinois while John was but a small boy. He lived in White side and Henry counties till the fall of when he removed to Olathe, Kansas, where he has resided since making friends of all who knew him. At the time of his death he was 53 years and 4 months of age. He was always a strong, active, business man, remarkable for his high sense of honor aud his hatred of all shams. 
Early last winter Mr. Townley went to his farm, some fifteen miles from Olathe in a rain storm and taking a cold had an attack ot malarial fever which prostrated him for some weeks. On recovering he again exposed himself to cold and wet when acute bronchitis set in and being weakened by tne attacK fever he grew gradualIy worse as the winter cold lasted.
Last spring he seemed to have recovered his health, so much so that he attended to his farm constantly, and it was not until about the first of August that his friends apprehended any danger, but the bronchitas assumed a more grave aspect, and about the early part of Septemberhe grew worse fast  though not confined to his huse, and it was but four weeks prior to his death that he became convinced that his life s work was nearly done. . His active habits of life made it hard for him to acquience in the dispensastion of Providence, but his faith triumpjrf, snd he could say, and feel that was all right. So he went calmly and hopefully trusting in the Savior he so long served. 
The (Olathe)Mirror and News Letter
October 28, 1880
Page 1, Col 4