Dr. G. T. Goode Dead.
The citizens of Olathe were thrown into a state of excitement very early this morning by a report that Dr. G. T. Goode had attempted to take his life at his home in this city. Investigation proved the truth of the report. About 2 o'clock the doctor left his bedroom and went into the back yard where he took a paring knife and stuck it into his throat on the right side in flicting a severe wound and partly severing his jugular vein. He was discovered by his daughter. Physicians were immediately summoned. Before he became unconscious the doctor said he wished to be left alone, that he had nothing to live for, and wished to die, and he passed away at 9 o'clock this morning.
It is evident from remarks made by the doctor that he had contemplated this act for at least two or three days. He left a statement, which has not been given out for publication, in which he gave his reasons for his action. On his way home from town last night, he stated to a friend that the heat was about to get away with him, and that he didn't know how he was going to stand it much longer. He had been planning a trip to Colorado, but stated yesterday that he had given up going. He had been depressed for two or three days and it is said that he feared a stroke of paralysis.  He has been very lonelv since his wife died a year and a half ago, but the family had no thought of such an act.
The Olathe Independent
August 27, 1913
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