Mrs. Maria Burch
The Mirror-Gazette is again called upon to announce the death of another of Olathe's most valued citizens, in the person of Mrs.'Maria Burch. wife of Capt. S. R. Burch, and daughter of Mr. Peter Cochran who died two or three months ago. 
Mrs. Burch was born in Perry Countv Ohio, in 1816, and was married to her now bereaved husband at Fairfax, Iowa, July 4th 1868. In November of that year they moved to Olathe where thev have resided ever since. In 1803 Mrs. Burch joined the M. E. Church and has always lived the life of a true christian and consistant member.
On Wednesday of last week, while surrounded by sorrowing friends, her spirit left the tenement of clay to mingle with her little son and other loved ones who had gone before.
On Friday the funeral services were held in the M. E. church and conducted by Rev. A. S. Embree who selected for a text that passage of scripture: "Let not your hearts be troubled &c." That part of the sermon which will be of special interest to the friends and relatives of the deceased we present below,
"In pointing out the discipleship needed it will be entirely appropriate to utilize the life of our departed sister. She not only professed a faith but she lived it. In weariness and pain she preserved a calm, even trust, in life exemplified the virtues of her master and in death was upheld by the God of her love. At an age when to most young people the future is tinged with a false glamour, when the heart says not now but after while, she gave her soul into the keeping of the great rather and from that time on was patient, persevering and true in her Christian life.
At one time when she had gone to the mountains in vain hope pf reliefe suddenly and unexpectedly it seemed she must die and she was not willing -- she felt that release to her meant pain to others, that her children needed a mothers love and care until they were older and so like her master she prayed "if it be possible let this cup pass from me."
It did pass and she came home again in a manner calmer perhaps than you and I when we set out on a weeks journey; she committed every care to the Almighty and with the happy consciousness of a well spent life and the heroism of a faith which doubts nothing, her soul passed into the mansions of the blessed. I want for myself and I pray for you a faith as simple and j a trust as sweet as ners.
As a wife, a mother, a friend, she will not be forgotten --  as a citizen, also, I want you to remember her, to emulate her virtues and for yourselves to enter into the straight gate through which her soul went sweeping at the command of Him whom in other things she had learned lovingly to obey.
Olathe Mirror
April 2, 1885
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