A Probable Murder. 
Some time during the month of July Miss Mollie Clifton, a young lady about eighteen years of age came to Olathe from Kansas City, it is believed, and registered at the Dennison House in this city. About the same time Frank Conley and John Butler also came and have since been engaged in peddling bells and other wares over the county.  Miss Clifton and these men seemed to have been acquainted before they met in this city. Conley and the girl were fond ol each others company, and it was often remarked that they were too intimate to be only friends.
The land lady had a conversation with the girl and she said that she expected to be married on tho following Sunday to Conloy. The Sunday passed but marriage occured. The girl became cast and cried repeatedly. At last they left the hotel and went to the Gulf House. She was ailing at the time but did not seem to be seriously indisposed. She however grew gradually worse and finally died Tuesday evening. The Coroner was telegraphed and an inquest is now being held. it is the impression that a great wrong has been done an innocent girl and that the inquest will develope some startling facts. Conley and Butler are now under arrest and will be held for a final hearing. No farther particulars up to time of going to press.
Later- A suspension of public opinion should be withheld until the testimony is all in.
THe Olathe Mirror
October 2, 1884
Page 5, col 1