The Life of Mary Waddell

Mrs. Mary Wilkin Waddell, wife of S. L. WaddelL died on November; 5th, 1900, at their home on Lulu street. Mrs. Waddell has been confined to the house for almost a year with delicate health and yet she was one of the most patient and cheerful persons. She was married to L.L. Waddell in 1876, who with two children mourn her death. The family came to Olathe in 1892 and since then Mrs.  Waddell has been identified in the work and worship in the United Presbyterian congregation  in this city, even when disease and weakness prevented the attendance of public ordinances. Rev. J. G. C. Webster conducted the funeral services on November 6 at 2,o'clock The subject of his remarks being from a text of her choosing "The Master is come and calleth for thee." Mrs. Rev.  Barnes,  her sister, has been with her for two weeks. Another sister, Mrs. Rev. McBride, lives in eastern Ohio

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Posted by Norman P on 2/11/2019