The Life of William Henry Benade

W. H. (William Henry) Benade, great grandson of Patrick Henry, died August 16, 1928. Born on Jan. 1, 1847. at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Hyer.”He had a place in the community that can hardly be filled. He was a person of characteristic c determination, alert, fearless, honest and of a supreme degree of courage. Mr. Benade was no dissimulator. He was quick to recognize the true from the false.”

Born on Jan. 1, 1847.  “He spent his boyhood days in Philadelphia. Thewe he was circumscribed with the puritanism of that locality, and he broke away in early youth and came to the State of Kansas, where he was free from its environments. Here was a free state, and he was not bounded by the personalityoies of ancestors.

 He married Ida Meurer of Philadelphia in 1869. Died of acute nephritis.

Shortly after his marriage he moved to Salina, KS where he purchased a large tract of land and started a stock ranch. Blessed with more capital than his fellow stockment, e started a side line of purchasing cattle hides from them and soon had a business of considerable proportions. As that business branched out he started sending carloads of hides to Kansas City.

He later moved to Savanah, GA, and from there to Kansas City, KS. He worked in the coal business and later became a hog buyer at the Kansas City Stockyards. At the same time he was traffic manager at Kansas City for the Mather Stock Car Compnay of Chicago.

His helath failed and he moved to Olathe in 1893 and purchased a 160-acre tract of land swouthwest of town and astarted a catte feeding business.

 A hobby of Mr. Benade was raising of high grade ponies. He developed one of the outstanding group of horses in eastern Kansas.

A silver snuff box of his ancestor, Patrick henry,  was given to him by his mother. He gave it to one of his daughters.

 My spiritual nature is in perfect harmony with the infinite spirit and I live and move and have my being in that spirit

 Self healing through autosuggestion 1923

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